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“The result is McCabe’s endlessly fascinating and elegantly crafted 78-minute video diary titled 23 Mile, which serves as a much-needed cinematic reminder in this round two election year that uncomplicated narratives that simply confirm our preconceived notions do a disservice to us all. “


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“Mitch McCabe’s hyperlocal, verité look at the complex, often contradictory political views that make up their home state of Michigan leading up to and following the 2020 election may feel too soon for some. But you shouldn’t look away from their detailed film diary, in which they capture the distinct voices who make up the electorate of the consequential swing state. McCabe takes the temperature from an objective standpoint, engaging representatives from lesser-known groups like “Michigan Militia of Love” and “Black Guns Matter” to explain their nuanced, often baffling philosophies. The film continuously catches you off guard, offering an unfiltered look at a state as it navigates COVID, threats to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Stop the Steal rallies in the wake of Biden’s win. “

Free Press
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"...McCabe described their film as a kind of "political science document or art piece" that documents the ways Michigan defies some conventional political narratives with footage featuring candid conversations with residents throughout the state and near the Macomb County thoroughfare after which the film is named. "To me, it's almost more than a location. It's kind of a symbol of complicated politics," McCabe said."

Columbia Tribune

"23 Mile stakes a refreshing unity of style and substance. So often, the film is visually stunning, immersing as it informs… When temptation needles us to define history as the distant past — made of people unlike us and situations unlike ours — artists inevitably come along. They show us how history is being written right here, right now, with every move we make… McCabe somehow manages to transcend both-sides objectivity, exhibiting affection for every person in the film without giving their every idea equal weight.”

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...this year’s fest includes a number of items of local interest such as the Michigan premiere of “23 Mile,” an experimental doc by filmmaker Mitch McCabe that looks back at the surreal 2020 election year that included the FBI thwarting militias meeting in the basement of a vacuum repair shop to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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